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  • 1 - How much does it cost to translate one document, one page, one sheet?                                                                       

    – The cost of translation depends on various factors: text complexity, language pair (the more uncommon the language is,

    the more expensive the translation is), the nature of the file itself (that is, a personal document, educational, just a text file), and, of course, urgency, since for urgent orders this translation will be in priority. We usually ask what kind of a document it is, if there are several, we ask the client to send scans, photos to accurately assess the volume and timing of work. If it is one particular document, we immediately name the cost. In the case of legal entities, we send a commercial offer.

  • 2 - Can you make  itin an hour, 30 minutes, one day (and other very tight deadlines)?

    – Again it depends on the language. For example, we translate a template document (birth or marriage certificate, passport, egov certificate) from Russian into English literally in 6-10 minutes. However, if the language is uncommon, it will take more time, because, as a rule, such translators live abroad, or, if in the RK, it is difficult to contact them quickly, they are always busy with orders. For urgency, as I have already said, there is an extra charge, depending on the timing.

  • 3 - Do you put an apostille on the documents? How much does it cost and what's the time frame?

    – Yes, we provide document apostille services. Terms are different for different documents, In total from 2 to 15 business days. Cost - 15000 tenge per 1 document, the price includes notarized translation and stamp- Apostille + we send all translations to e-mail of the Client so that they are always at hand if necessary. When providing 3 and more documents, we always provide a discount.

  • 4 -do you Translate orally?

    – Yes, of course. We have a large team of oral translators of various specializations and translation languages. We can provide oral simultaneous interpreter for any event even in extra-urgent mode, i.e. when a Client applied on the day of the event.

  • 5 - What documents are needed to get a visa for the embassy, consulate and other operations?

    – We do not give answers to such questions. Since, we do not possess such information. The range of our operations is wide: education, treatment, permanent residence, work and tourist visa. And we are a translating company, our range are translations, apostille, legalization. In such cases, in order not to mislead anyone, we recommend that the Client contact the official authorities of the specified state for detailed information.

  • 6 - I need a notarized / firm-certified translation, do you do that?

    – Yes, and we assure our translations notarially and firmly. Depends on the Client's requirements.

  • 7 - Why is it so expensive? For examlpe, /------/ translate for 500 tenge and that;s okay.

    – Prices for the translation of documents are really higher than the usual translation of texts due to the fact that these documents are legally binding and are provided to various state organizations, embassies, consulates - therefore we are directly responsible for each translated mark and we guarantee that our translations will be carried out qualitatively, on time, and will pass all consider revising.

  • 8 - How do you calculate the cost of the translation?

    – If it is a personal document (medical note, diploma, CRO certificate), then it is evaluated as one document. If it is a text document, i.e. contracts, statutes, instructions, etc. it is evaluated by characters: 1800 characters (letters) with spaces - 250 words - 1 page. We do not count by sheets in Word, pages of a document, etc., but solely by characters.

  • 9 - Do you certify documents?

    – No, we only certify translations of documents. Notaries are responsible for the certification.

  • 10 - I already have a translation, can I have it certified by you?

    – Yes, you can. Besides translation, we also  provide services for editing and adjusting the Client’s translation. Then we certify the corrected translation by a notary. The cost of such a service is 50% of the cost of translation. If the adjustment of the translation is more than 50% of the total amount, the service will be assessed in the amount of the total cost of the translation.



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